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Nahid Mazloum, holds up a portrait of her mother Ezzat Janami Eshraghi, sister, Roya Eshraghi and her father, Enayatollah Eshraghi all of whom were executed in June 1983 in Iran for their belief in the Baha’i faith – submitted photo

Around 650 people gathered in Vancouver in commemoration of the past, and to call for an end to the current oppression of women in Iran.

By Fabian Dawson, June 19, 2023

Every June, for the past 40 years, Vancouver resident Nahid Mazloum has relived the horror of her mother, sister, and father being executed for refusing to recant their Baha’i faith, hoping their stories will bring about change in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Life goes on, but the pain never goes away,” Mazloum told New Canadian Media before addressing a gathering of about 650 people from the Baha’i community in Vancouver last Friday, June 16. 

They had come together to honour those who were killed in the Iranian city of Shiraz on June 18, 1983 and be part of a global campaign called #OurStoryIsOne to push for gender equality in their homeland.

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