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داستان ما یکی است… کمپین جهانی به یاد ده زن بیگناه بهایی که چهل سال پیش به طور همزمان و جلوی چشم یکدیگر اعدام شدند. یادشان گرامی

The campaign honors Bahá’í women executed in Iran 40 years ago and highlights the principle of equality

June 18, 2023, will mark 40 years since the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out a chilling act of oppression: 10 Bahá’í women were hanged in a single night in a public square in the city of Shiraz. Their only ‘crime’ was their refusal to renounce their beliefs in a faith that promotes the principles of gender equality—absent and even criminalized in Iran—along with unity, justice, and truthfulness.

The women were hanged one by one, each forced to watch the next woman’s death in a harrowing attempt to coerce them into recanting their faith. One was only 17; most were in their 20s. Human rights groups and ordinary citizens around the world were shocked and outraged at this barbaric act by the Iranian authorities. Global leaders at the time led a wave of appeals for condemned Bahá’í women and men to be released from their death sentences. But to no avail. The Bahá’í International Community is now launching a global campaign, called #OurStoryIsOne, to honor the executed women and the long struggle for gender equality lived by women of all faiths and backgrounds in Iran for many decades and which continues to this day.

Vancouver event: Friday, June 16, 2023, Vancouver Playhouse
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