PastedGraphic-17At Sunset on Friday October 20th, 2017, the official two-day celebration of the bicentenary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh began.  Vancouver Cluster (Vancouver, UBC, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond & Mosqueam)  is alive and pulsating with diverse, wide-spread celebrations — celebration that are at once festive-spirited as well as significant in community-building efforts.  Click to see images of this memorable evening.  Did you participate in any activity, and would you like to share your experience? Send your notes and pictures to

Tonight at least 15 gatherings took place to celebrate the Glory of God in the Vancouver cluster.  Over 400 participants attended these gatherings, with half of those being friends of the Faith.  Below are pictures from these diverse gatherings, where you will see the following:
• At UBC, 41 students gathered to watch the film Light to the World.  Afterwards the students reflected on the station of Baha’u’llah and the concepts in the film by creating art.
• 3 gatherings in Edmonds engaged 71 participants, include 38 friends of the Faith.  One gathering was focused on youth and was filled with lively music.  Two others focused on neighbours and families, resulting in the opportunity to form a new children’s class and study circle.
• One of the teaching teams in Commercial Drive (Strathcona) hosted an event of 125 participants, mostly consisting of  neighbourhood children, junior youth and parents.  The young ones of the neighbourhood, along with their parents, presented on spiritual themes, interspersed with the sharing of songs, Writings, stories, dance, and drumming.
• 66 friends attended two celebrations in the Aurora Feast Area in South West Vancouver.  This small group of believers  working together there has a wide range of activities spanning Friday through Sunday.  Tomorrow morning at 10am they will be showing the film Light to the World at a neighbourhood theatre.
• As the work day was ending, a Baha’i visited a friend in a neighbouring office in downtown Vancouver that we wished to acquaint with the Faith and to invite him to a celebration.  They began talking at 5pm and the conversation led to them sitting in the office after work watching the entire Light to the World film about Baha’u’llah.  3 hours elapsed as they conversed about Baha’u’llah before they realized they needed to rush home to their families.
• A family in Richmond hosted Chinese and Persian friends of the Faith and they viewed parts of Light to the World and afterwards engaged in a lively discussion about its ideas and concepts.
• A team of Baha’is in Vancouver’s City Hall neighbourhood hosted a large diverse crowd that prayed, ate, and sang together in an extremely joyous celebration.  Afterwards the host gifted each person a package of prayer cards and the new Baha’is magazine.
Another development that was very exciting to hear is that many teams did not go home after their celebrations ended. Rather they stayed together and reflected on the conversations they had at the celebrations and made concrete plans for each friend that attended the gathering.  Many of the 200 friends of the Faith who attended celebrations tonight are not yet in core activities, so the next few weeks need to be characterized by intensive follow-up.
Tomorrow dozens of more celebrations, characterized by the description of the House of Justice below, will occur in the cluster:
“On this two hundredth anniversary of Baha’u’llah’s appearance, the many who are part of this enterprise are reaching out to those around them with a simple invitation: seize this opportunity to find out who He was and what He represents. Put to the test the remedy He has prescribed.”